Tournament Brackets are linked below...

2023 fall tournament brackets-final.pdf



Tournament championships will be played on the below dates.

Hustle Awards will be presented by the MLL Umpire Crew on June 10th. All-star introductions for teams 12U and younger will be made on June 10th.

2023 spring tournament brackets-completed.pdf

CP/MP MN: June 10th @ 4:00 on Field 4 - Marlins win 14-5 over Red Sox
CP MAJ: June 10th @ 6:00 on Field 3 - Phillies win 12-1 over Cardinals
KP MN: June 10th @ 6:00 on Field 2 - Braves win 4-3 over Blue Jays in 7 innings
KP MAJ: June 10th @ 6:00 on Field 1 - Royals win 7-1 over Giants
SNR: June 23rd @ 6:30 on Field 5 - Braves win 11-0 over Mariners

Hustle Award Winners!
Reed Pugh Cardinals Tee Ball
Amelia Baldridge Phillies Tee Ball
Kaleb Watkins Giants CP MN
Jackson Norwood Cubs CP MN
Samuel Ferreira Reds CP MAJ
Luke Thomason Braves CP MAJ
Amaryllis Jensen Pirates KP MN
Evan Goehring Rays KP MN
Connor Drake Tigers KP MAJ
Asher Jeong Pirates KP MAJ
Rogen Hayes Twins SNR
Jorge Linares Blue Jays SNR

Schedule of Events: 2023 tournament championship night v5.pdf

Coaches & Parents, please feel free to decorate the park for championship games as much as you'd like to celebrate your teams. No decorations are allowed inside the game field fences or hanging over the field of play, and please clean up all decorations after your game.

Tiebreakers for all tournament seeds are as follows:
1. Winning Percentage
2. Head to Head Record (games played against each other must be equal)
3. Runs Allowed Per Game
4. Runs Scored Per Game
5. Coin Toss

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